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What are we doing?

This year, The ongoing pandemic has seen families from all walks of life lose Jobs / Income. Has seen many families choosing between putting food on the table or gifts under the tree this Christmas.
By using a % of our profits and generous donations by members of the public we are hoping these families will allow us to help them by donating Christmas presents for the children so that hard decision do not have to be made.

We are giving our customers a choice on every quote to donate and by working with other local charities helping to identify people who need our help.


Nominate yourself or another person

If yourself or someone you would like to nominate needs our help, Please fill in this form below. 
Please fill in as much details as possible, We will only ever contact you via email so please check this regularly. 

( As much as we don't want to put this in unfortunately this has to be said)
This service is not a service for people who can afford gifts even by credit card, this service is for people who genuinely can not afford gifts for there children this Christmas. and without any help, simply wont have a Christmas this year. any fraudulent claims will be dealt with appropriately.  please think about this carefully before submitting as we have limited supply you could be depriving a child in need.

All gifts will be delivered in the upcoming days of Christmas, you will be confirmed by email if you have been selected within 3 working days of your application. 

We understand some people can feel embarrassed but please be aware we will never judge a person nor ever share details with anyone. our company directors have been in these exact positions in the past and just want to give a little back to the community.

Due to our limited funding we can only accept residents from the Rossendale area  

If you have more than 1 child please refresh the page once you have submitted and resubmit other children's details.

Boy or Girl

Want to help the cause?

We would never ask for people to give money to a cause.

If you would like to help out this Christmas no matter how big or small everything helps. 

we are asking people to donate by purchasing a one4all Gift card. this way we can purchase the gifts directly from companies without the need for money changing hands. 
the link to purchase a gift card is

And our email address to send it to is

Do you have brand new toys lying about you want to donate?
or drop into our office at.
36 burnley road east

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